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Why would you encapsulate your placenta?

Because Postpartum Depression & Mood Disorders are directly associated with the hormones and nutrients that are lost at birth.

Placenta encapsulation is a natural way to replenish those exact nutrients, to help relieve pain & fatigue, stop internal bleeding, promote mother-baby bonding, increase energy, & reduce symptoms of postpartum depression & baby blues.

A mother’s happiness is fundamental to a child growing up to thrive.

Placentas help women feel better after birth and avoid PPD.  Every mother and child deserves their best chance.  And we all just want the best for ourselves and our children.

Happy Clients

“I am now 3 weeks postpartum and I am exclusively breast-feeding and my milk supply is absolutely amazing!  When I went to get a check up for my C-section, my doctor was shocked at how fast and well I was healing!  After the first week I was up and about having lots of energy and I owe it all to the Placenta Encapsulation and Frozen Drops for smoothies.  (These are amazing!!!)  I instantly felt a boost of energy and noticed a huge boost in my milk supply!  I cannot thank you enough!  I have no signs of postpartum depression and I have tons of energy!  Veronica made everything super easy and non-stressful.  I will definitely be encapsulating with with every one of my pregnancies!” –Kiara

“I’m only on day two of taking my pills but the relief I have gotten already is almost immediate in taking them.  It’s so crazy to me but awesome.  Thank you again.  I definitely will recommend you to anyone I know who is pregnant!  More people should know about this and do this.”

“Veronica provided the most excellent service!! Being that I was outside of the radius of delivery, we had to do the shipping method. But - she made it SO easy as she sent everything I needed and instructions on exactly what we needed to do. She was also very responsive which I very much appreciated. I highly recommend Veronica to everyone!!”

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You're in the right place because all pregnant women are at risk of postpartum depression. And you only have once chance to give yourself and baby the best start.

Here's what happens after birth:

Loss of nutrients

The body experiences a tremendous loss of iron, blood, hormones, & nutrients during every birth (natural, epidural, induction, & cesarean). Pain and bleeding lasts for weeks as the uterus shrinks back to size, as the dinner-plate-sized wound from the placenta heals.  This causes serious fatigue.  Ingesting placenta triggers internal bleeding to stop & replenishes iron & nutrients.

Fatigue & iron deficiency

Fatigue & iron deficiency impacts oxygen intake, a mother's healing progress, a mother's brain function, infant brain development, mother-baby bonding, sleep, mood, ability to handle stress, energy, fitness, & concentration.  Fatigue and iron deficiency on ANY level are DEBILITATING.  This one is worth reading again.

Newborns need a lot

It may seem obvious to say, but it's so real.  The 24-hour demands of a newborn (like breast and bottle-feeding, lack of scheduling, & all their constant needs) can cause anxiety, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, frustration, stress, fear, sadness, lack of confidence, & more.  These legitimate feelings are all completely normal.  Thankfully our bodies create the exact supplement we need.

Do you need to get back on your feet & feeling better faster after birth?

Because your placenta contains all these nutrients & more!

  • Iron,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Zinc,
  • Calcium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Potassium,
  • Hemoglobin,
  • Oxytocin,
  • Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor,
  • Endogenous Opioids,
  • Corticotropin-releasing Hormone,
  • Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone,
  • Cortisone,
  • Prolactin,
  • Prostaglandins,
  • Estrogen,
  • Progesterone, & more.

Your placenta is yours to keep! But what happens if you don't?


First, it is a Texas State Law that your placenta belongs to you and is yours to keep. Sometimes depending on a medical situation, placentas are sent to hospital Pathology labs.  As your advocate, I would assess the reasoning & request only a small sample is taken so that we may still encapsulate once cleared.  Sometimes placentas are disposed of.

And then more recently, sometimes hospitals have a contract with a Lab and they sell Placentas for research and real-life patient healing.


Some hospitals have a contract with a Placenta Donation team that will come around before and after birth with their pamphlet showing you how your placenta can help others.  Placentas are being used in the medical world for amazing things such as being grafted onto chemical burns to regrow tissue, used during reconstructive surgeries, eye surgeries, sports tissue injuries, dental applications, & a whole lot more!  Their website is very interesting and you can check it out here.  http://placentadonation.com


While I love all the things the placenta does & the gift of donation, it is extremely valuable for you to keep and you only have once chance to have all these benefits for yourself and your family.   Because the better you feel, the better off your new baby and new family will be.

You will arrive at your birth prepared with your own labeled cooler and my information to contact about your placenta, & instructions to keep your placenta with you at all times.

Is your placenta in your birth plan yet?


Why choose Texas Placenta Service?

It's all about Safety & Quality here.

Safety is priority

  • Meticulous protocols are in place for sanitation, documentation, transportation, timing, & temperatures.
  • Placenta preparation in a dedicated workspace & placenta only has contact with food-grade materials.
  • Single-use knife & cutting board https://www.cutandtoss.com/.
  • Unbleached parchment paper used as dehydrating & steaming barriers.
  • Placenta training & certification by the most trusted organization: The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts since 2015 https://placentaassociation.com/.
  • Yearly certification for food safety protocols.
  • Yearly certification for Universal Blood-Borne Pathogens protocols made specifically for placenta processing.

Single-use cooler

  • You will have everything you need to save your placenta in any birth situation: natural, epidural, cesarean, induction, hospital, birth center, & home births.
  • A single-use placenta cooler kit is mailed to you upon receipt of your deposit.  It is labeled with your name, my phone # for pickup, and detailed printed instruction cards.
  • Place your cooler in your birth bag & text when you're in labor on your birth day.
  • Tell your doctor, nurses, and birth team that you are keeping your placenta.
  • I am an extra advocate for you when in doubt!

Start to finish service

  • Easiest online reservation process.
  • Contract & invoice are available immediately.
  • Take your single-use cooler to your birth & your birth team will follow the instructions to pack it up.
  • Text when placenta is ready to be picked up & I'm on my way.
  • Finished package is delivered within 2 days to 1 week & a pretty unboxing with detailed printed dosage suggestions included.

How is the Placenta prepared?

Dried Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation Pills Bottle

Frozen Placenta Edibles

  • This is a local service option only.  They must be hand-delivered and kept frozen until use.
  • A small piece of your placenta is liquefied, frozen into individual pieces, and then individually wrapped.
  • These are put into your favorite smoothies for the first 10 days (or taken w/a spoonful of honey).
  • Smoothie recipes included.
Placenta Edibles Product Photo

Placenta-Infused Tincture

Placenta Infused Organic Tincture Pharmaceutical grade alcohol bottle product photo

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Placenta Specialist

Hello, I'm Veronica!

I'm so amazed by placentas & I could talk about them for hours!

I started my placenta encapsulation service after I experienced the benefits of taking my own placenta pills. I knew I wanted to do something for myself after knowing family members to suffer from Postpartum Depression after birth.  I was so glad I did it instantly.  My placenta capsules were my little happy pills that kept my days from getting gray and sad for the first few months after birth.  We were living with no family nearby to help with a newborn. My husband could tell a difference in my mood if I forgot. A few months in & I knew the difference it had made for me. So, I wanted to help other families do the same.  I started my placenta training and business in 2015. And then for my next birth, I could tell my placenta pills helped so much with the after birth pains, more energy, and giving me an overall emotionally balanced feeling, even through moving across country with a newborn.

I have hired 2 placenta companies to encapsulate for me after birth, and while I reaped the benefits of my placenta pills, I was looking for a little more in the overall professional experience. I have created the service experience I was looking for... A "one-click & order everything I need for the whole experience", a "do it all online without needing to talk to anyone", & a peace of mind because all my questions were already answered & I know what to expect... kind of experience.  I love serving families during such a special time and making the process extremely easy. What I do really feels like an honor.

My husband and I decided to put family first in 2020, uproot our businesses, & move back to Texas to be close to our family.  I'm so happy to be here serving my Texas community.  It's where my heart has longed to be."

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