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Pricing, Reservation, & Preparation Protocols

Placenta Encapsulation Pills Bottle
Placenta Cooler for Hospital Birth Checklist

Placenta Encapsulation Complete Service

$300 start to finish
  • Includes everything you need from start to finish
  • Easiest online Reservation | Contract & Invoice is immediate
  • Receive your single-use placenta cooler & instructions by mail before your birth day
  • Placenta pickup from your birth place, usually within 2 hours
  • Your choice of encapsulation method (simple-start or steam-start dehydration)
  • Preparation in a dedicated workspace
  • Placenta powdered into pills, bottled, & sealed
  • Easy to swallow, size 0, vegan capsules
  • Pills delivery & pretty unboxing within 2 days to 1 week
  • Printed dosage suggestions & detailed guide included
  • All local transportation provided
  • Yields at least 1 month of pills, usually a few months
  • Reservation & $30 deposit is best due by 36 weeks to get your cooler on time
  • Remaining balance is best due by 37 weeks to be on-call for your birth
  • Last minute reservations are currently available
  • Click "Reserve Now" to complete your reservation & select your Extras

Reservations are accepted at 14 weeks.

$30 of the total is a non-refundable deposit, due at the time of reservation, in order to receive the single-use cooler needed for your placenta pickup.

Reservations may be cancelled for any reason.  If the cooler has already been sent, the $30 deposit payment is non-refundable.  Any payment beyond the deposit is refundable for any reason before the placenta is picked up.

You can have it with all the Extras

Organic Placenta Tincture

$35 for 4 oz bottle
  • Most popular extra!
  • Only provider offering the highest-grade alcohol for tinctures!
  • Pharmaceutical-grade, Organic, Gluten-free, Cane Alcohol, 190-Proof
  • Long-term Placenta Infused Tincture is good into menopausal years!

Frozen Placenta Edibles

$40 for ten
  • Ten Frozen Placenta Edibles for making Ten Smoothies for the 1st Ten Days
  • Made using a tiny piece of raw placenta, pre-blended, frozen, & individually wrapped
  • Only available within a 30-mile radius because they must be hand-delivered frozen

Framed Photo Keepsake

$25 for one
  • Framed Photo Art Keepsake
  • Every placenta displays its own unique beautiful Tree of Life
  • All cleaned up, dried, & photographed, artfully edited, printed on photo paper, and framed to remember.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake

$10 for one
  • Dehydrated Umbilical Cord Keepsake
  • Gold painted or natural are both so pretty
  • Keepsake comes in a pretty steel tin with a clear top-viewing lid for clean handling & safe long-term storage.

Strawberry Flavor Capsules

$10 for grape
  • Are you at all squeamish? These delicously smelling strawberry flavor will mask any hint of what's there.
  • Comes in a pretty opaque red color.

Next are all the Preparation Protocols

All about Placenta Pills Preparation

$300 start to finish complete service

Placenta Encapsulation Pills Bottle and Dosing Instructions Print Card

Birth Day Placenta Cooler

  • A new, single-use cooler with everything the hospital needs you to bring is mailed out after deposit.
  • What's in your cooler:
  • Your name on the outside & inside.
  • My phone # on the outside for easy pick up.
  • Printed Instructions with pictures for birth day, placenta, & safety guidelines.
  • Instructions for when to contact.
  • Specimen container to hold Placenta labeled with your name.
  • Storage bags for ice.
  • Gloves.
  • Red biohazard bag for extra leak-protection.
  • Bring your Cooler to your birth.
  • This cooler is disposed of at the time of preparation.

Birth Day Instructions

  • You receive very specific Instructions for your birth day by mail.  This is the general idea.
  • Text Veronica in active labor (before going to the hospital/birth center).
  • Give your Cooler to your nurses.
  • Your nurses usually pack it up for you & the support person usually packs up the ice bags at the nurse's station.
  • Text Veronica when your placenta is ready to be picked up. It is most often a support person I am communicating with for the pick up.  I come right inside & pickup at the nurse's station at Labor & Delivery.
  • Hospitals prefer your placenta leave your room within 2 hours.

Local Transportation

  • Your placenta is picked up from your birthplace, usually within 2 hours after birth.
  • Your finished placenta pills are delivered back to you for a pretty unboxing within 2 days to a week, either by hand or 1-day insured shipping.

$60 Long Distance Shipping

  • Includes ALL materials necessary for shipping, as an option for rural areas without a local service.
  • Detailed and easy instructions.
  • Inquire for more details or to make personalized meeting arrangements if you are close to this radius.

Safety Is Priority

  • Extreme universal cleaning and sanitation protocols are in place for any reusable surfaces to ensure there is never cross-contamination. Bleach. Bleach. And more bleach. Hospital-grade sanitation wipes, more gloves than you would think, and head-to-toe coverings.
  • Single-use supplies are used at every opportunity.  Ex: single-use cooler, single-use knife, single-use cutting board, single-use unbleached parchment paper used for steaming and dehydrating, and single-use plastic wrap covering any reusable table surface to further ensure the possibility of cross-contamination is zero.
  • The disposable protection gear list is long and requires a brand new set-up for both days of prep for each placenta.  Gloves, more gloves, full cover-alls, hair nets, shoe covers, face shield, N95 masks, plastic covering, chux pads... all which became difficult to obtain this past year.
  • Reusable equipment is washed with antibacterial soap, soaked in a 10 minute bleach bath of + 5000 ppm, and hospital-grade germicidal spray & wipes, & left to air dry.
  • Stainless steel table surface is covered in plastic wrap (like a tattoo studio), chux pads down, placenta preparation takes place, and then all disposable items are rolled up neatly in the plastic wrap, and gets disposed of in the cooler in a bag.  All nice and neat.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Your placenta requires continuous monitoring for food safe temperature controls, from 2 hours after birth until it is turned into placenta pills.

Dosage Suggestions

  • Placenta Pills printed, detailed dosage guide is included.

Placenta Pills

  • The daily plan for improving mood, emotions, brain function & increasing energy & focus during the months following birth.
  • Placenta Pills are meant to be taken daily, until gone.
  • Taking Placenta pills can lighten stress, fatigue, & after birth pains. It can promote bonding & plentiful milk.  It can reduce swelling & help the uterus return to its original shape & size.
  • Estimate about a month or more of placenta pills.

Day 1 of Dehydration

  • Day 1 of the placenta encapsulation process, the placenta is prepared either simple-start or steam-start (your choice), and then cut into very thin slices, and placed on single-use, unbleached parchment paper on dehydrator trays, & heated at 160 degrees F for about 24 hours until completely dry.  Temperature is monitored until preparation is complete.

Day 2 of Dehydration

  • Day 2, final preparation begins after your placenta is completely dehydrated.
  • Your placenta is ground into a fine powder.
  • Each empty capsule is separated by hand, and then filled with the powder, and re-capped.
  • This entire process can take anywhere from 24-48 hours and usually yields between 120-200 placenta pills, depending on preparation methods.
  • Placenta pills are delivered back to you either by hand or by mail.

Simple-start Dehydration

  • The placenta is dehydrated at 160 degrees F for 24-30 hours in very thin pieces.  Once the placenta is completely snap-dry, it is powdered and placed into capsules.

Steam-start Dehydration

  • The placenta is gently steamed, in a steamer pot lined with unbleached parchment paper, & using filtered water, until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, prior to dehydration.  Once the placenta is warmed completely through, it is dehydrated at 160 degrees F for 24 hours in very thin pieces, to a snap-dry, then powdered and made into placenta pills.

All about the Extras

Frozen Placenta Edibles Preparation

$40 extra service offering

Placenta Edibles Product Photo

Ten Doses for Ten Days

  • You get ten doses of this concentrated pain relief, rapid internal healing, & boosted energy in its pure form!
  • Place 1 dose a day into a smoothie or shake for the first 10 days. (2 easy recipes included)
  • Can also be taken with a spoonful of honey.
  • Feel a burst of rejuvenation!
  • Taking Frozen Edibles in the days after birth can trigger maternal instincts, milk production, stop internal bleeding, lighten fatigue, & improve brain function.

Day 1 of Preparing Edibles

  • On the first day, a very small portion of your raw placenta is liquefied with a tiny bit of filtered water, and then put into 10 little heart-shaped molds.
  • The edibles freeze for about 24 hours.

Day 2 of Preparing Edibles

  • On Day 2, the frozen edibles are individually wrapped, and then placed in a new container, and back in the freezer, to make serving super simple.
  • These must be hand-delivered and kept frozen until ready to use.
  • Just unwrap a single edible, and drop it into your favorite smoothie.
  • You will receive 2 easy Smoothie Recipes.

Placenta-Infused Organic Tincture Preparation

$35 extra service offering

Placenta Infused Organic Tincture Pharmaceutical grade alcohol bottle product photo

The Long-Term Plan

  • Use Placenta Tincture during times of extended breastfeeding & times of weaning, returning to work, anxiety or sadness, infertility, premenstrual symptoms, menopausal symptoms, to strengthen immune system & kidneys, arthritis & much more.
  • Use this powerful ancient remedy when your placenta pills are gone and for years to come by refilling the bottle with high strength alcohol. (Instructions included)

Day 1 of Preparing Tincture

  • On day 1, a small piece of your potent, raw placenta is preserved in a Pharmaceutical-grade, 190 Proof, gluten-free, Certified Organic Cane Alcohol.
  • You may also choose to have your tincture made using the dried placenta powder of about 10 of your pills.
  • Your Placenta Tincture infuses for 6 weeks before use.  It becomes more potent with time.
  • Currently the only service offering this highest-grade alcohol for making tinctures. https://organicalcohol.com/products/organic-cane-alcohol-1-gallon?_pos=2&_sid=90d23708f&_ss=r

Placenta Infusion for Years

  • You receive instructions for how to use your tincture for best long-term keeping, into menopausal years, & beyond.
  • Tincture can be added to body creams to apply on wrinkles, to delay the cell aging process by building collagen, stimulate hair follicles for hair loss, apply on skin conditions, burns & other wounds, scrapes, C-section scarring & much more.
  • Body Cream recipe included that can be made using your Placenta Tincture.

Framed Placenta Art Keepsake Preparation

$25 extra service offering

Placenta Encapsulation Keepsake Print Photo Frame
  • Every placenta displays its own unique beautiful Tree of Life.
  • It is cleaned, dried, and photographed before processing.
  • The photograph is artfully edited, printed on photo paper, and delivered in a pretty frame.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake Preparation

$10 extra service offering

Baby Placenta Birth Umbilical Cord Keepsake in safe tin product photo
  • A small piece of the Umbilical Cord is dehydrated for up to 30 hours, usually in the shape of a heart, if possible.
  • The dehydrated cord is painted gold & placed in a pretty steel tin with a clear top-viewing lid for clean handling and safe long-term storage.
  • Also beautiful completely natural with no paint.

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